Since 1998, Beate has focused on her real passion: painting on canvas. Earlier she followed a creative education at the Academy of Fashion Design in Düsseldorf. After this education, she started her career as fashion designer in the Far East, where she spent a large part of her time during twelve years. This important part of her life has had a large influence on her current work. Her paintings remind of Zen gardens: clear shapes stand next to each other, separable yet integrated in the painting. Grown layers, contrasts, interruptions. Written texts, traces, signs of presence, handwriting, intuitive letters. That is how the stilled character of her paintings arises.
Beate strives for simplicity, both in shapes and in use of colour. For this, she wields different techniques. Especially the combinations of acrylics with paper and sand can be found in her work. The paint is thoughtfully applied in many layers.

Digital Art

Beate has add a new dimension to her work: photography.
Her photo's from the sea, the human body and other natural elements are the base for her digital art.
The results are printed on photopaper in museum quality and protected by two mm acrylic layer.
The editions are limited.

Architectural Art

As the result of the cooperation between the architect Holger Schweitzer in Berlin and Beate you can find a renovated appartment building in Berlin where art plays an important role.
Designed balconies in corten steel, handpaintings on the facade, acrylic paintings in every floor of the staircase, Beate's handwriting is visible from the in- and outside of this eccentric building.